Importation biz review

Attention: Anyone interested in starting a real international Mini Importation Business; and turning it into a thriving cash pumping stream of income.

Secret Finally Revealed!!!

How You Can Start, And Successfully Run A Mini Importation Business in Nigeria With As Little As N20,000 Capital And Make Up To N250,000 to N350,000 Monthly.

You will Learn How you can Start Importing Branded product at a dirt cheap price and resale them for mega profit. Keep Reading For Full Gist

From: Idowu Samuel
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 08038432577

Today right now on this page and with your permission, I want to reveal to you my recent discovery of how I have been able to import goods at cheap prices from abroad. The information I have recently discovered is unique and will change your business and finances for the better.

This new information has nothing to do with the popular AliExpress, DHgate etc that has flooded the internet for some time now. This is the same secret I have been following for months to make good money and surpass my peers. I want to show you the steps on how to begin a profitable importation business right here in Nigeria. I want to show you how I have been able to buy goods from abroad at very very cheap prices and resell them here for large profits

This is the same business that have earned me a consistent 250k monthly from the comfort of my home. Before I go ahead, let me quickly introduce myself to you so you can know me better.

Truth is…

It’s becoming near impossible to compete in ANY merchandise-based business today without importing. So the sooner you learn how, the better…and trust me, it’s really not as hard as you think.

Would you like to know how to turn a little amount of money (From N15k upwards) to a huge amount (as high as N350,000 or more per Month) within a small period (like say, 1- 2months)? I mean would you like to start and run a successful mini Importation business that generates big cash for you?

Would you like to get a complete step by step Guide used by Konga and jumia in importing all the items they sell to us?

If your answer is YES, then here is an opportunity for you to do so.

Why did I say that?

I have been online for quite some time and i have learnt how generating income using the power of the internet works. Do you know that you can start and run a successful mini importation business that generates cool income for you?

May be you don’t know  yet  but that is exactly what am about to teach you here and all what you have to do is to sit down relax and read all the content in this page carefully.

Oh Yes If you have ever wanted to go into Mini importation business here in Nigeria but don’t know where and how to go about it Here We Go Its awesome and amazing News For You!

Watch my back as I take you by hand and exposés all the secret of importing and selling imported material here in naija. Yes You Can…..

Import High quality products from all over the world for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices And Make Huge Profit From Your General Sales.

What’s more, you’ll learn the best kept secret of successful importers… How you can easily import from China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and from all over the world completely risk free using O.P.M or… other peoples’ money.

Start with as little as N15,000 to 20k And Make Over 400k Every Month Doing This alone and make some cool international Contact that will skyrocket your business to a greater Height.

Interesting Right? What If I tell You That you can do all this at home or office or in the Cafe Using Just Your Internet Connection! No Stress! No Hassall!!! Just Plug And Play!!!

Do You Know?

Do you know there are selected genuine websites/portals where you can order for goods, ranging from appliances and gadgets to clothing and women’s hair accessories, to smart phones, jewelries etc conveniently, in bulk and at rock-bottom funny prices?

Do you know you can invest as little as N20,000 monthly and make as much as N250,000 to N400,000 naira monthly from this mini online importation business?

Do you know you can even get most of these products brought to you, free of shipping costs – this secret of 100% free shipping will shock you big time?.

…and in the event you don’t know, getting a horde of ready-to-pay buyers is not a bother, as many of the products you will be importing are fast moving consumer hot in demand goods; products that people buy on daily basis.

Why Should I Even Go Into Importation Business?

Trading Ever before Now, Have been a very profitable business for the government, And even for the Individuals who engage in it.

You Import Cheaply from abroad and bring it down to our county Here in Nigeria And Make Mega Profits from it.

It is a very lucrative business to start and has the ability to make you very rich quickly. Alaba boys, Ikeja guys, Konga And jumia are all into the game. and me myself have equally Make lots of cash doing this business.

Ever Before now, We are made to believe that before you start importing anything you must be a supper rich like dangote. But here am going to reveal my secret strategy which you can use and import almost anything and make mega profit doing it.

If you meet all those Alaba boys who are into the business, They will tell that you need this and that in fact, They will Try as much as possible to scare you ways. From coming into the business because its pure Gold.

They wouldn’t want any much competition in order to keep the business green.

The Big Players

Ecommerce In Nigeria Have really Grown with the like of jumia and konga dominating the industry. They Import Most of the things they Sell on their website and make more than 50% Profit on any item they sell.

No wonder they keep on growing every day. No wonder Those Alaba And Ikeja Guys drive Exotic cars, Range Rovers And lots more! The business have been green. And keep on being green forever because we can not product all the things we consume.

You Too can Join the league of this big guys and set your way to a wonderful financial Freedom.

But Wait Oooo.. Why Should I Even Listen To You?

Before Now, I have been Into Importation, I import most of the things I use privately online because its much more cheaper than what we buy them here in Nigeria.

I Have imported items Like Android Mobile Phone, Wrist watches, laptops, Android Tablets Phones Cloths Etc. I import most of the items from USA, CHINA, HONG KONG ETC.

I was ok with what I was importing for myself and family! Until it got to a time When I started seeing reasons to resale the things I Import since i could make extra profit doing it.

I started looking for a way to import branded product, Like Samsung Galaxy Phones, Macbook Laptops, Hp Laptops, Blackberry Phone, Nokia Phone, HTC Phones Since This is what the market need.

I quickly ventured into a deep underground research where I discovered and Asian Trading Company that that sell branded product like Samsung Galaxy Phones, Macbook Laptops, Hp Laptops, Blackberry Phone, Nokia Phone, HTC Phones At a dirt cheap price In fact the quality of their items is next to nothing and the price is unbeatable.

I quickly Ordered for some items Like Samsung Galaxy Phones Just to verify the authenticity of this company and within a period of 7 Days i have my item in my door step I quickly opened the packs to confirm what was inside.

Lo And Behold, Its was a branded  Samsung galaxy phone Original! I was amazed and since that period, i have been doing business with this company and the quality of their product is next to nothing.

Here Is The Secret I Want To Reveal To You Right Now

With My Newly Discovered Secret, I Am Going To Take You  By Hand And Reveal To You All I Know About Importing Samsung Galaxy S4 For N14,000, Macbook Pro for N36,000, Blackberry Z10 For Less Than 15,000! Am equally Going to show you the cheapest best Way To Ship All Your Items Down Here in Nigeria For as Low as $4.50 Per Kg.

I will reveal The Asian trading company That Sell This Product at a dirt cheap price Mobile Phone accessories!

The Companies Website where they List out All their items! The Companies Direct Contact Number, The Companies partners in Nigeria Here! And All the tips and techniques and strategies i use in importing items From This company.


  • I Am not talking about importing goods From And
  • Am Not Talking about Importing from
  • Am Not Taking a
  • Am Not Talking About or

Zero Your Mind Its Not even About Importing From From those Chinese website that don’t even even sell branded products always moving around look for where to dump their fake Chiko Products

Am Talking About a Big and Established Asian Trading Company that sells High Quality Branded Products at a dirt cheap price.

With This Company, You Can Get.

Samsung Galaxy S4 For Just N14,000 And Resale the Same product for as high as N45,000 to N50,000 Here in Nigeria. This Is Pure Gold If You Don’t Know.

This Company Sell Macbook Pro for as Low as 36,000 And you Can Resale This Product for As High As N75,000 To 100k

Nokia Lumia Phone 710 For As Low A N11,000. You Don’t need a prophet to tell you how fat Your Bank Account could grow if you venture into this business.

If you are doubting Me ask Konga And Jumia How much profit the generate on a monthly Basis

Strange Right?

Don’t worry Am Going to show You Some Life Picture From This Website to you can ascertain The Authenticity of what Am Talking About.

The Business

The secrets am about to share with you is the same secret used by konga and jumia to purchase most of the items they sell on their website.

Konga and jumia purchase most of the things they sell and even make 50% or more profit from each item they sell to you. You too can start your own business and even do better than konga and jumia. It All begins with the right information And this is exactly why am here Providing you with all the necessary information and will help you make good money this year.

Am going to show you a secret Asian trading company ready to give you their product for almost free. In fact am going to show your their website and provide you with a step by step instructional guideline on how you can import almost everything from this trading company. More on this as i go on.

Here Are Some Images From The Website Of This Asian Trading Company

$200 (N32,380)

Thirty two thousand 3 hundred and eighty thousand naira only

Hp Laptops Available

Apple Macbook Laptops

Sony Vio Etc All Are branded Products

With This Product, In Your Hand, You Can Never Be Wrong, You surely Move Ahead Of Your Competitor.

As You Can See, This Same Item Goes For N70,000 The Truth is That its Even Cheap Because if you go to other retail outlet, You will have to pay 100k Plus for This same product.

That Is Even All. There are Loads Of Items You Can Buy from This website at A Dirt Cheap Price.

Packs Of Samsung Galaxy S4

From This Asian Trading Website, You Can Get Samsung Galaxy S4 For Less Than =N= 14,000

This Phone Can easily be sold at at N45,000 To 50,000 Even. In fact If you come across some one that sell this item to you at the price, consider yourself blessed.

Sharp Guys Have Already Ventured Into This business!

As you can see from the image above, Sharp guys who understand this business are seriously making huge amount of money doing this business.

See The Price Of This Same Item In

Here Is Another Screenshot From

Ok Lets do some mathematical calculation to see how much one can actually make from this business starting less than N27,000.

Assuming you invest less than N25,000 and purchase two (2) Slots of this Samsung Galaxy S4 at the rate of $80 That is N13,112 X 2 = N26,224 Within a period of 5 days you are able to sell of the two phones at N45,000 each. That should be N90,00 within 5 days. OMG! This is pure Gold.

You don’t need a prophet to tell how profitable this business can be. No wonder konge and jumia keep on growing day In” day out.

With the price you are selling your own product, You can actually Kick Jumia And Konga Out of the Market.

You can even ask all those Igbo boys in alaba and ikeja computer Village.

There Are Dozens Of Quality Products Which You Can Import At A Dirt Cheap Price From This Asian Trading Company

1. Branded and unbranded Phones
2. Laptops
3. Brazilian human hair
4. Hand Bags
5. Suits
6. Sandals
7. Phone Charger
8. Power Bank
9. Projector
10.Clothing accessories
11.Computer Accessories
12. Wrist watches
13 Phones/Laptops Batteries.
14 Designer T-shirts

And lots more…
I wouldn’t Like to Talk Much On This Because Those who understand this import business will know that its just pure gold!

At This Point! I would Like To Introduce The New Ultimate Mini Importation Guide

Here I have created A complete Step By Step Easy to follow Tutorial on How any one anywhere Can Go Into Online Mini Importation Business with as little as N15,000 And Make Over 350,000 Every Month Doing This Business.

Here Am Going To Teach You How To

How to kick start your mini importation business 72 hours from now and make big cash monthly. I’m talking about N250k to N500k monthly here.

Take You  By Hand And Reveal To You All I Know About Importing Samsung Galaxy S4 For N14,000, Macbook Pro for N36,000, Blackberry Z10 For Less Than 15,000! Am equally Going to show you the cheapest best Way To Ship All Your Items Down Here in Nigeria For as Low as $4.50 Per Kg.

The Full Contact Details Of This Companies, Their Website, Contact Number, Of This Company. Plus Full Details On How to Order for Any Item From This Trading Company

Am Going to Download All I know About Importation Business Into Your Brain and let you have access to this first hand information before anyone else.

The Asian Trading Company which Am Talking About Have Some Partners Here in Nigeria! So You Are Going to Get the Full Contact Details, Of the partnering Company here In Nigeria. Their Phone Number, Email Address Office Address, And Web Address Of This Company. The Company Is Based In Lagos.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Payment for all your good without bothering yourself about master card, Visa  Cards Etc. You will be amazed on how easy it is to order for your items from this company.

The Easiest And Fastest way get your item down to Nigeria without paying huge amount of money charged by DHL UPS Etc. I will Show you how to pay As Low as $4.50 Per Kg.

Is That All?

No That is Not All….

Apart From Showing You How to import all this items from this Asian Super Hot Trading Company,

How to sell your imported items right from your bedroom using just 2 tools you already have… (Shhh….don’t say I told you, but one of them is your Facebook account!)

5 evergreen products that will always sell. Even if you order 1 million pieces of these products, wholesale buyers are always on ground to buy them off from you. You’ll love this!

(HOT) I will Even Give You A Step By Step Video Tutorial On How To Create and Design An Ecommerce Website Like Konga and Jumia and still Position yourself as an expert.

One important thing you must do in order to succeed… Miss this, and be ready to turn to the all sorrowful importer.

How to get manufacturers to brand their products with your name absolutely FREE. If your name or business name is Smart Watches for example, you’ll get all your products branded with it. This presents you as an authority and attract more buyers.

And lots more….

Ok Let Quickly Sum It Up

If your results will be anything like my other Satisfied clients:

In Just Few Days From Now, You Will become A super High Mini Importer, Importing Goods from Asia And Reselling them here in Nigeria For A super High Profit.

My goal is that you will …

You Will Be Able To Import Samsung Galaxy S4 For N14,000, Macbook Pro for N36,000, Blackberry Z10 For Less Than 15,000! And Make big Profit From It

Import High quality products from all over the world for as much as 60% below wholesale or 90% off retail store prices And Make Huge Profit From Your General Sales. This Way you will be able to compete favorably in the market.

Start with as little as N15,000 to 20k And Make Over 400k Every Month Doing This alone and make some cool international Contact that will skyrocket your business to a greater Height.

You will be able to end your financial worries as you are going be making much money that you can even spend.

Here Is The Deal

I want to Give You A complete Step By Step instructional Tutorial on how you Go into Mini Importation Business starting with Just N15,000 to N20,000.

Fast Action Bonuses

Look, I know if you get my product in your hands and put it to use it could change your life. I also know that if you’re like most people, you procrastinate. I know what it’s like to procrastinate, and I’ve missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Therefore, I’m going to reward you for taking action and moving forward to realize your dreams of financial freedom. With that said, I’ve created five special “fast action” bonuses.

To get the super fast action bonuses worth N50,000,you MUST be among the first 40 people to take advantage of this offer and order for the New Importation Report Within 3 Days From Today Wednesday, December 17, 2014 to 19th december 2014

BONUS #1: The Alibaba Crash Course Report.

This is a powerful ebook that will reveal the inner secrets dealing of the most powerful china importation site i.e

It will show you how to tap into the gold mine of importation that will make you more successful be young your wildest dreams.

This report currently sells for N16,500, but you will get it for FREE.

Value N16500

BONUS #2: Importing From China Revealed!.

Every Thing You Ever Need to Know About Importing From China Will Be revealed Inside This Guide. Step By Step Instructional Guide.

Value N7,500

BONUS #3: Importing From China Revealed!.

Here you will Get A Complete Step By Step Guide on how to import cars from The Usa Down to nigeria here without worries.

Value N5,500

BONUS #4: How To Create An Ecommerce Website Like Konga and Jumia.


This is a never known to ordinary man before on how you too can tap into the huge ecommerce business in Nigeria. You will learn the best software to use and in instructional video tutorial on how you can make your own ecommerce website to sell your products Just Like Konga and Jumia.

BONUS #5: Importing From Aliexpress To Nigeria.

How To Start Online Importation Business; Importing From Online Portals Like and right From The Comfort Of Your Home With Less Than N10,000 Online, And Have Your Items Shipped To Your Door-Step In Few Days.

Value N4000

This Bonus packages is only available for those that will order before December 19, 2014 And The Next 24 hours

It’s always important to keep ‘The Big Picture’ in your mind at all times, when you come across an opportunity like this.

And it’s both effortless and enjoyable with this step by step guide and bonuses that will turn you into a big-time online importer virtually overnight.

Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process package will show you the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your business at a glance.

It’s no exaggeration to say that – once you’ve mastered importation system – the income boost can be life-changing.

If i may ask….

So what will you do with your new found online importer wealth and fame?

Perhaps you’ll shock your haters the amount of cash you are controlling?

And how about savoring the look of astonishment on the face of your friends when you show off with the galaxy smart phones and macbook air notebook you are using ?

Because that’s the sort of true financial freedom you can look forward to once my Importers Guide secrets are YOUR secrets.

Which is why I don’t want anything to stand in your way…

… so I’m taking all the risk from you.

That means that, after examining the whole package , at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, you feel it isn’t quite for you, then you can rely totally on my cast-iron guarantee coming into play…

My Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this course will benefit you. I stand 100% by my product  and give you a 60 Days Money back guarantee on it. This means that for 60 days you can try my entire home study course. I am prepared to offer you a refund if it does not deliver/teach you what I have detailed up here.

So, How Much For This Importation Guide?

What WOULD you expect to pay to have access to  This complete mini import business success system like this? Remember, this is more like a ticket to a better and financially stable 2014 and beyond…

Before I tell you, let me point out some facts you may already know to you.

You’ll be learning first hand from a respected small scale importer of 3 years experience in the mini Importation Business World.

I will personally make sure you succeed with your mini import business. Believe me!

People charge as high as N85,000 to N150,000 just to teach these secrets, and what they teach aren’t close to what you’ll be learning from the guide.

Am Revealing the same place konga and jumia purchase the same item they sell to us. All the secret strategies exposed.

So, if I tell you to pay any of the prices below, I’ll be justified right?

N45,000…? N25,000…?  N15,500? N9,500…?

I’m sure you’re aware that what you’re about to learn is worth more than its price in GOLD, but I am ready to make everything available to you Today for One Low Payment of Just: N4,000 If You Are Lucky Enough to Order for This Guide before 19th december 2014


Previous Price: N 3,500
Current Price: N 4,000 Only
Next Price: N7,500

Limited Copies of this New Importation Report  for Nigerians Package Are Available At This Current Discounted Price of N 4,000. Only 50 Copies will be sold at this current price thereafter, the price goes to N 7,500

Note: All The Bonus Packages Are Available Only to those who will Order For This Package before Friday, December 19, 2014


… because I retain the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to INCREASE the price once THE FIRST 50 people order their own.

In fact, it’s probably happening as you are reading this.

But – let’s face it – even at the full N25,000, your investment would still be a drop in a bucket, compared with the little known import secrets that are here for the taking.
Do It Or Miss Out

So you can choose to either…

Seize this amazing (and timely) opportunity  NOW  and so steal a march on everyone else by mastering how to import stuffs like galaxy phone series, macbook air laptop, nokia lumia phone series, blackberry phones etc from abroad with as little as 15,000.


… continue down the road of agonizing trial and error, wondering if you’ll EVER fully understand how to import the above mentioned  goods and sell to consumers in Nigeria

How To Order Your Copy

STEP 1 Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N4,000 into any branch of Access Bank in Nigeria. The account details are:

Bank Name – Access Bank Plc
Account Name – Idowu Samuel
Account Number – 0065591411

STEP 2 – After payments, send an Email with the following Details to

Amount paid, Depositor’s Name, Date paid, Your Full Names, Email, GSM number, Teller number..

Note:- If you make your payment via Atm, Mobile Or internet transfer, Just send other information and forget the teller number.

(Don’t worry, once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive Guide in your email within 5 hours!

You must send your details to   within 3hours of your payment so you can have full instant access to this guide. you can always call me on 08038432577

Enough said; one thing I am cork sure is…

…the information That will be presented in the guide can help you kick start your mini importation business with little or no capital.

But, I’m afraid you may have one problem… and that is… “will you use the methods laid down in the guide?”

NOTE:- Its only when you order for the importation guide TODAY That you will be entitled to all the bonus packages! so seize this opportunity and make a change in your life.

I look forward to hearing about your success with your importation sojourn. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I’d love to hear your success story!
You Can Always Reach me on 08038432577

Start Importing Cheaply today!

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